Eunice: From assistant to manager

Akwero Eunice is the Operations Manager at WEB Soya. Every day, she oversees the bakery taking record of how many cakes were produced, sold, and delivered to customers. She also sets an example for other bakery team members by teaching them about maintaining the quality of the cakes while operating at low costs.

Eunice has no formal training in bakery operations so, how did she get to be where she is today? Eunice explained that it all started when she joined a fuel efficient cook stove program implemented by FICH in 2014. She participated a lot in the program and the project team took notice of her motivation. In 2014, FICH asked Eunice to join the team as an administrative assistant. Through this experience, she became well acquainted with the organization’s operations and in 2016 she was nominated to be the accountant for the WEB Soya Flour project. This project focused solely on soya flour production and Eunice quickly learned the process. As the project continued, it added a bakery component. The WEB Soya team quickly realized that there was a need for someone who could directly manage the day-to-day operations of the bakery. This time Eunice, and two other team members, decided the management roles of WEB Soya and she was given the title of Operations Manager.

Now, Eunice hopes to see WEB Soya achieve high levels of production in order to boost sales and reach other parts of the country. She noted that, starting isn’t easy but we can overcome these challenges. She also sees WEB Soya as a resource to the community. “We have to struggle hard because it is helping us get skills and experience that can change our lives,” she said, “training helps us to learn and builds our capacity. Increasing household incomes has an impact especially on paying school fees.”

Personally, Eunice wants to use her experience at WEB Soya to start her own business. She hopes that through WEB Soya, she can gain the capacity to send her children to school, be self-reliant, and help others.