Girls & Women

Karacel exists because of girls and women and therefore is committed to giving back to girls and women. Therefore, 40% of all profits earned by Karacel are donated towards programs that invest in girls and women. These programs are managed by FICH, our founding organization, who has been empowering young women in Northern Uganda since 2010. To learn more about FICH's programs, check out their website here.


Soya Flour Production

Karacel's soya flour production operation is located in the small, rural town of Alidi. Alidi is the original home of Karacel where the project began with 30 women farmers. Now, the Alidi site still offers the same benefit to these women buy acting as a produce buyer for their soya beans and providing employment opportunities, which are otherwise unavailable to women in this area. The soya flour made in Alidi is either sold to customers or brought to the bakery in Lira. 


The Bakery

Karacel Bakery is located in the bustling town of Lira boasting a population of over 105,000 people. The bakery uses the soya flour from Alidi in all of it's breads, cakes, and snacks thus making these products more nutritious than other breads on the market. Karacel then employs urban young women to bake and manage the business. And finally, the bakery offers affordable business training to small business owners and entrepreneurs so that as Karacel succeeds, so does the community.

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Business & Staff Development

No one person benefits from Karacel. Rather, the benefits reaped from the hard work of our team is invested back into that team. After donating 40% of Karacel's profits, the remaining 60% is reinvested back into the business and staff development and training programs. This includes the Karacel Training Center which hosts personal development workshops and one-on-one mentoring for program participants. Learn more about the Karacel Training Center here.

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